Recently, my manager was experimenting with the idea of randomly touching base with people in the business through the day as a way to keep engaged when working remotely. Not content with a manual process, he was tinkering with a PowerShell script to get the members of an Active Directory group, choose someone at random, and start a Teams call using the callto: protocol.

As these things tend to do, the whole thing escalated into the funky script that I’m sharing with you today. Together we migrated the original script from on-prem AD to Azure AD, and finally to Graph.

We call the script Start-ChinWag.ps1, since a “chin-wag” in Australian slang is a casual conversation.

The link above will take you to the script, but in this article I will break down how it works.

First we define a helper function that lets us detect if the required modules are installed, and install them if necessary:

function Test-Module($moduleName) {
    if (-not (Get-Module $moduleName -ListAvailable)) {
        Install-Module $moduleName -Scope CurrentUser -Force

Test-Module Microsoft.Graph.Users
Test-Module Microsoft.Graph.Groups
Test-Module Microsoft.Graph.CloudCommunications

Next, we have some logic to detect if you’re already connected to Graph before the script runs. It was tiresome having to sign in every time the script ran.

$ctx = Get-MgContext
if ($null -eq $ctx) {
    Connect-MgGraph -Scope Directory.Read.All,Presence.Read.All | Out-Null

Having connected to Graph, we find the group whose name matches the parameter you passed to the script, and grab its members:

$group = Get-MgGroup -Filter "displayName eq '$GroupName'"
if ($null -eq $group) {
    Write-Warning "Group '$GroupName' was not found."

$members = Get-MgGroupMember -groupid $ -Filter "userPrincipalName ne '$((Get-MgContext).Account)'" -CountVariable c -ConsistencyLevel eventual
if ($null -eq $members) {
    Write-Warning "Group '$GroupName' has no members."

Now we use the cloud communications module to get the availability of all the members in one hit, and extract just the people who are available for a call right now. From those people, we select one at random.

Bonus tip that I learned while making this: Get-Random will pick a random element from the pipeline! That’s very cool!
$available = Get-MgCommunicationPresenceByUserId -Ids $ | Where-Object Availability -eq 'Available'
if ($null -eq $available) {
    Write-Warning "No members of group '$GroupName' are available."

$id = ($available | Get-Random).id
$callee = Get-MgUser -UserId $id
if ($null -eq $callee) {
    Write-Warning "Could not get details for user '$id'."

We then check whether you passed a -WhatIf parameter, and if not, we call the person we selected:

if ($PSCmdlet.ShouldProcess("$($callee.DisplayName) ($($callee.UserPrincipalName))", "Calling")) {
    start "callto:$($callee.userPrincipalName)"

And lastly, we disconnect from Graph if you weren’t already connected when the script ran:

if ($null -eq $ctx) {
    Disconnect-MgGraph | Out-Null

And there you have it! Call a random member of a group (or Team) automatically from the command line!