Tag: Azure

  • Aug 24 2022
    Calling MS Graph from ASP.NET on Azure
    In my last post I talked about calling Microsoft Graph endpoints using an Azure managed identity from PowerShell Universal. This post is about doing the same thing from an ASP.NET web application on .NET 6.
  • Aug 22 2022
    Calling MS Graph from PSU on Azure
    The Microsoft.Graph PowerShell module wraps up all the Graph endpoints in PowerShell functions, but for security reasons, the Connect-MgGraph function doesn’t allow for stored (secret) credentials. However, since we host PowerShell Universal as an Azure App Service, and we have a managed identity for that app service, we can connect to Graph as the app!
  • Aug 20 2022
    PowerShell Universal Startup Script
    I’ve been playing with PowerShell Universal for almost a year now, and I thought this would be a great place to share some tips, tricks and scripts that have helped me out. And what better place to start than the initialize.ps1 script? That’s the script that runs right before the PSU server starts. The script lives in the .universal folder inside your Repository folder, so create it if it doesn’t exist already.